About Us

Project Sneakers is your Number One Professional Supplier of Limited and Exclusive Footwear.

Established in July 2018, Project Sneakers is the fastest growing exclusive footwear service in the United Kingdom. With the sole purpose of providing our customers with a professional service at great prices.

We supply a large majority of our stock ourselves directly from retailers, meaning Project Sneakers will always be updated with the latest releases. If demand exceeds expectation, we will work with our close team of specialist individual suppliers who make sure all orders are fulfilled and delivered on time.

We are currently located in London, UK.

All products are 100% authentic/original.

Project Sneakers does not promote or sell fakes, replicas or counterfeit products.

If for any reason, a shoe you were wishing to purchase is now listed as out of stock on our website, you can place a private order by contacting us using one of the following methods:

Email: info@projectsneakers.co.uk

Instagram: @project.sneakers


Every item sold on Project Sneakers has been processed and carefully verified by our specialist authenticators to ensure your product is 100% authentic.

Project Sneakers supply a large majority of our stock directly from retailers. If demand exceeds expectation, we work with our close team of trusted individual suppliers who supply the requested stock.

All products on Project Sneakers are brand new in the original box with all original extras (e.g. space laces).

Your order will be shipped Project Sneakers with extra secure packaging to ensure your order arrives in the exact prestine condition that it leaves our stock room.